Apm 2.6 AC 3.2.1 problem with arming, motor test, accel test,

I tried to start my quadrocopter to no avail :slight_smile:
My setup:
APM 2.6 with firmware AC 3.2.1, radiolink receiver
I cant arm, I cant do motor check properly because only two motors are spinning after that (but its tricky because sometimes I get the result of 3 spinning and/or fourth was spinning after the throttle in higher position) I cant calibrate ESC (mission planner asks to install 3.3+ hardware but its impossible on APM 2.6 ) I even cant turn on the drone via my controller ( throttle down right).

Did anybody see such a mess?
thanks for any help!


Hello, welcome to the community

Your Flight controller and firmware are outdated

Get a modern one or install a mission planner version from 2015

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Hi thanks for advice, I installed MP 1.3.76 so I thought it`s old enough :slight_smile:

I installed the firmware from 2015 and still cant start the drone via radio.

Then you need to read the documentation from 2015 in order to fix it.

Increasing the MOT_THST_MIN parameter should fix that.

If V3.2.1 had that parameter…

Hi, its called slightly different. but It didnt help.
I guess that I need to install right MP version.
Now I play guessing game. Too old version isn`t showing maps, some never are not showing flight modes.
Does anyone know the list that matches APM version (2.6) with right MP version? (range from x version to y version)
I searched google and youtube, to no avail. Thanks!

You will not get much help here. It’s so old that nobody remembers these things. Replace it with a supported Flight Controller.


Do not search the internet, search this forum in this section: UnSupported hardware - ArduPilot Discourse

You will see lots of questions and few answers, but that is the best there is.

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