APM 2.5 with GPS and HMC5883L Compass

Hello Everyone,

Once again one of those issues that cause me to pull out what little hear I have left and turn even greyer.

I Have a APM 2.5 with the newest firmware ( Not beta ) and the newest mission planner. I canèt for the life of me get the HMC5883L Compass to calibrate.

I have actually went to the extent of buying an Arduino Uno and bread board to hook it to just to make sure that it was working correctly. Sure enough it ran with no problem and was within a couple deg. of my phone. I see a Compass Init failed message but that doesn’t tell me much.

A. Does Compass Init mean it saw it but had issues
B. IT didn’t see it at all …

When I try the compass configuration I don’t even see a white little box… HElp please!!!

Doesn’t anyone use the HMC5883L external compass ??? Should I be looking a an alternative ???