APM 2.5 HK crash


Big disappointment yesterday:
After about twenty flights with no problem at all, my hexa is now in a small box and a refuse bag.
here is what arrived:
For some time, I did not manage to have a height of stable flight in Loiter, nor alt hold.
On the other hand there stabilize, no problem. I had applied the procedure of regulation of the throttle mid and verified logs on several flights to try to correct this instability in height unsuccessfully.

Yesterday, I return to my club to continue my tests.
In the first flight, I had difficulty arming the APM. I had to disconnect reconnect 3 or 4 times batteries . Then, the flight it passed well, but in every passage it loiter or alt hold, always the same thing the héxa tried to rise. I ended my flight as most of the precedent in mode RTL with a composed unless a meter of the point of initialization.
I re-prepare the héxa for the second flight. This time, the APM arms itself straight off and I take off.
While I am still in approximately 10m of top, in stabilize, the hexa turn violently in roll, crosses 3/4 back and falls.
By looking at the log, it seems that I had a GPS alarm just before the crash…

Here is my config:
APM 2.5 HK it firmware 3.1.2
power modulate 3DR
sonar EZ-4
telemetry 3DR 433mhz
2 X 3300mAh 4S
receiving and satellite JETI 2.4 ghz
Transmitter JETI DC16

here is the log of my last flight…

If somebody has an idea…
I think of the regulator 3v, but I am not certain of it…

Thank you

You should contact HobbyKing for a replacement unit.

Good luck with that!

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