APM 2.5 Goes nuts when arriving at waypoint (see video)

I can’t seem to get this tuned. I have tried EVERYTHING!

Verified working:

  1. ESCs are calibrated.
  2. Tuning is done, and it’s nice and stable in stabilized.
  3. ALT_Hold works great
  4. RTL works great


  1. Watch the video and you will see at 4:40 the AUTO missions start. Look when it arrives at the first waypoint. It goes nuts. Does it EVERY time. It does recover, I’ve left it in AUTO and it does stabilize then go to the next waypoint, but why does it go NUTS!???

youtube.com/watch?v=N64bkaP … e=youtu.be

  1. APM 2.0 on my MAC never creates any tlogs is there a reason for this? Something I may have turned off? Logs work perfectly on the PC I have, but that’s using Mission Planner, not APM Planner.

  2. I can never download flash logs using my telemetry system. Any thoughts?

Thanks you so much for any help!!! I’m at my wits end!



  • We need a log to be able to help you.
  • Since you have a problem with AUTO, we also need your mission file to be able to help you.
  • Where are you looking for tlogs from APM Planner 2.0?
  • Logs are not intended to be downloaded over telemetry prior to version 3.2.