APM 2.5 and X8 Wing

I’m having a small issue with by new build, the APM is a great equipment and till now is working flawless but I think that I need to fine tune it, but I don’t know how!

The problem is that from wp 1 to wp 2 the flight path is all over the place, sometimes it track more or less other timer the flight path is all big “S” trying to accomplish the WP

Here is my setup, my goal is to make orthophotography, but for that I need photo overlap and with SSSSS flight paths is hard to achieve this.

Can anyone give me some pointers to here I need to start tuning? I will use the speed sensor on the next tests. If needed I also can share the flight logs.

Well its not much help, you need to experiment with your particular camera.

You can also have a look at KBs excellent book The Secrets of Photo mapping you will find it here.


Very tidy installation BTW

Two things I see that concern me in the installation picture. Number one is the proximity of the GPS to the telemetry TX. I had to move my GPS sensor out to the wing tip on my Phantom Wing. Also, would the foam from the canopy reduce or distort the GPS signal? I have always had better success putting my GPS on the outside but by no means am I any kind of expert. Nice looking wing.

That distance should be fine, I’ve had no issues with my GPS antenna and telemetry antenna being that close (actually closer), and my telemetry is run by the RFD900 at full power, so it would swamp much worse than the 3DR one. Also, the foam shouldn’t get in the way at all. Avoid Carbon Fiber-based shields, but foam is fine.

I REALLY like that mounting plate, nice job, very clean!

BTW, if you havent already, look through the various tuning guides here: plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying/tuning/

verify pitch, roll tecs, etc everything is good before proceeding to the nav tuning guide and that should help get your missions back on course. Go through the guide in order, as nav relies on tecs (and the others), tecs relies on pitch, roll and airspeed, etc.