APM 2.5 and toilet bowl


I have a quad 450 with APM 2.5 (internal compass). I never fly with 2.9.x. Every flightmodes are ok, but loiter not (have toilet bowl effect). I run compassmot, then I tested compass_learn, … nothing helps.

Every ‘toilet bowl’ are the same (see attached picture):

  • every ‘toilet bowl’ is counter clock
  • every ‘toilet bowl’ start to back left
  • every ‘toilet bowl’ increases the tilt and speed
  • every ‘toilet bowl’ would end by crash

Simple mode is working great - therefore a compass works properly?

I checked log for vibration - they are about 3 - 4 ‘point’.

What can I do to get loiter mode working? I do not buy new GPS with external compass.

Hi creagel,

A post like this one is going to need some logs to analyze before the gurus can really dig in. Can you check the forum rules for info needed and post the missing details please?

Also, are you able to share the results of your compassmot test?

Here is a log from 2014/01/31 (2x switch to loiter mode).

I do not have last results from compassmot test, but numbers was higher. I am able to test compassmot tomorrow.

Compassmot test result is 40%.

Loiter is now working. I have not changed anything :slight_smile: What can be wrong? I am now waiting 1 minute before arming. Blue led on APM 2.5. is solid blue (same behavior as before).