APM 2.0 Mission Planner (Mac OSX)

I am building a hexacopter and using the Pixhawk as an autopilot. I am running through the calibrations and have completed the compass and radio calibrations. Only issue is with the 3d accelerometer calibration. I have the pixhawk level and all of the hex firmware downloaded so, in theory it should work. In several videos I have seen that the mission planner is supposed to give you commands such as “place vehicle facing away from you and on left side”. However, no such commands have appeared and it just gives a timeout timer. At about 10 seconds left on the timer a failure message appears saying “Failed CMD: 241”. I was told to flash the airplane firmware on the pixhawk, then reflash the hexa firmware and try again. However this has resulted in the same failure.
I need of some tips and help!


I’ve had the same problem. Go to do the compass calibrations but never get the commands, just the percent of progress and a error at end calibration failed not enough data.

Try downloading an older version of APM. I had a timeout issue with the latest version. Seems like there are several OSX issue with the .20 release.