APM 2.0 - Google Maps black screen

Is there an issue with Google maps not pulling over? I keep getting a blank/black screen where the maps are supposed to be. I’m able to pull Bing maps and others, just not able to pull Google maps. The ‘tiles’ indicate they have finished but alas, there is nothing.

Any help would be appreciated!

What version are you using? and can you name the location, so I could test?

Hi Bill -

I’m using the latest version which was available for download. I’m also in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. I’m running windows too (Boot Camp) on the same Mac and was able to pull the maps perfectly fine. It looks as Google Maps (all options) are giving me a black screen. Sorry for the delayed response.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks!


Delete the ~/apmplanner2/mapscache directory and see if that helps

I deleted the file as suggested, the issue remains. I’ve attached a screenshot of my APM directory in case this helps. Thanks!

Andrew: Can you pastebin log.txt?

Here’s the paste of the txt file as requested:


Thanks again!

Hi there,

I’m having the exact same problem. I’m new to APM so this is my first version ever installed, no previous versions (so no file leftovers or whatsoever).
I launch APM Planner (latest available) and the map is just black.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Andreaux are you able to follow what I did above, post the .txt file referenced above, from your Mac to pastebin? It’s very easy to do and requires nothing difficult. Simply visit the link I posted and reply with a cut/copy/paste of your file, post with open access. From there you can reply here with the link to pastebin.

I know this may help the developers review the similar errors and move to a fix.

Lastly, are you running Windows on your Mac at all? I am and thought this may be a cause.

I’ve just tested this, and the issue is that Google Maps update there maps versions often. I’ll need to release a fix for this to work. In the meantime you can use an alternative map provider, like Bing Hybrid

billboney have there been any updates to the Google Maps issue? I know I can use Bing but I would much prefer to use GM. Any idea when there will be a release to address this? I’m also a little perplexed as I (and one other poster) are the only ones that have posted concern with this.

Thanks for your development on this software. I can only imagine how much time this takes from you and I want to thank you for everything.


The reason not everybody sees the issue, is that if you have already downloaded the previous map, it’s cached, so it works as expected.

I should be have a fix this weekend, i’ll post a response here when I do.

I have just updates 2.0.17. I too now have only a black screen and no maps. It indicates that the tiles have loaded, but nothing appears. I deleted /apmplanner2/mapscache, rebooted, and it made no difference.

Also, I may be missing something obvious, but how do you switch to the other map providers from Google/


OSX 10.10.3
MacBook Pro

I believe the developer is working on a solution. The explanation of what the issue is in the previous posts. To switch maps, it’s simple: On the bottom right hand, you’ll see an OPTIONS button. Click there and you will have a option to switch MAP TYPE.

Be patient with the fix, I know he/she is aware and working on a solution. At least 50% of your post was answered, right? Happy flying!

Hello - This issue of Google maps is still occurring. Have there been any updates to the fix? Would really appreciate it! I’m currently using the latest version of APM for my MacBook, running Yosemite.

Thanks very much!


I have fix, it will be the latest daily build in (depending on the server timezone and mine)

firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APM … 015-05-15/
firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APM … 015-05-16/

[quote=“billbonney”]I have fix, it will be the latest daily build in (depending on the server timezone and mine)

firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APM … 015-05-15/
firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APM … 015-05-16/[/quote]

:smiley: Thanks I just tried it and Google Hybrid maps are now visible again on my MacBook, again thanks for the fix.


This issue is still happening for me. This is the first time I’ve installed apm planner.

Which version of APM Planner 2.0?

try this new beta which you can download by enabling it in theAPM Planner 2.0 Config view and then selecting the check for updates in the Help menu

or download from firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APMPlanner/beta/