APM 2.0 corrupt graphics

I am trying to reinstall APM 2.0. It worked fine until I upgraded it, now it has corrupt graphics.

The Artificial Horizon is corrupt along with all of the buttons. The menus all seem to work.

Win XP
.Net 4.0

Anybody have a link to where I could download an old version if I cannot get this one to work?



you can get older versions here firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APMPlanner/

We don’t support XP. It’s Vista as minimum and Win7 is recommended.

@billbonney: Sorry, it’s not clear.
I can read that apm planner 2.0 support WinXP here: planner2.ardupilot.com/wiki/install-windows/
It run great before 2.0.15 onto my old WinXp family laptop, but not, I have no labels onto the buttons of the menu???
I will post a screenshot asap.

Sorry, we don’t support WinXP installation. I’ve updated the documents to reflect that.

That said the issue you are reporting can be related to Graphics Drivers not being up to date on your machine.

I have a issue like this in my desktop win7 (sp1) machine.
The new versions of APMplanner show corrupt text in the icons and are unreadeable. :geek:
after 2.0.15 i can see this issue in 2.0.16 too. 2.0.14 is OK.
I like to to post some images but no luck, I can send by email.

I instal all W7 updates and the grapichs driver and the problem no gone. :cry:
If any can point me to correct te problem help was very appreciated
Thank you in advance
Best Regrads
Jose A.

Does it look something like this?