APJ Tools error

Hi. Trying to run APJ Tools. I have miniconda installed, and the python ‘hello world’ works.

When I try running APJ tools I get:

(base) C:\Users\Andrew\Desktop\test>python apj_tool.py --help
File “apj_tool.py”, line 6

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

I took a look at the script and it seems to be fine. Double checked myself by running it with python 2 and 3. Everything seems to be running without syntax error. What version of python and have you made any modifications to the script there?

Thank you… So I was trying to run it under WSL on Win10. I changed to a dedicated Linux drive and all works fine. Both have Python3 installed. I think my Linux drive is going to be getting more use…

Odd. I run everything from WSL 1 with Ubuntu 18.04.