APD ESC compatibility

I’m considering using this ESC for a build https://www.getfpv.com/apd-f-series-40f3-6s-40a-32-bit-esc.html

The only thing is it says it supports Dshot300 to Dshot2400. Has anyone confirmed that it works with Dshot150?

If you are not set on those ESCs, I can Highly recommend these https://www.getfpv.com/holybro-tekko32-f3-metal-esc.html

I have a bunch and they work awesome at Dshot150

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I’ve run those on a 6" freestyle rig and they have proven super tough so far. Thanks for the recommendation.

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I recommend these. Telemetry works beautifully and inexpensively:

I’ve tried the APDs back in the days of 4.0.0-rc, with Pixhawk, Black and Orange cube, and the ESCs weren’t happy with the signal.

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Good to know, thanks for the info!

APD esc’s have been great for me. No issues using the 40A or the 80A f series on plane and copter after 4.0.0.

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Hey Jason

I am trying to use the F120 on hexacopter with Cube orange.
Really struggling to get all motors to spin nicely together.

Setup on Aux 1 - 6 and enabled dshot. But very strange motor behavior.

Any ideas how I can get it working?


How is this realized? What test conditions?

When we do motor test, Click motor A and all motors spin and twitch.

All motors when one is commanded? Huh. Post your parameter file, let’s take a look.