AP3.6-dev MissionPlanner Parameter Upload Slow

not sure this is known already, the upload of the parameters with MP can become extremely slow.

I think I’ve read in the issues or PR, and also in the mai-01-Dev report about a parameter upload problem, but these reports I understood to mean upload in flight. Also, it read to me as if the problem there was solved. So, to be sure, I’ve flashed the latest AP3.6-dev v2 of tonight, as well as the latest MP (not beta, official).

I’ve made a short video, since I considered this faster than trying to explain that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqslbQcylE0

I had that problem also with the previous 3.6-dev I had flashed (ca. 2-3 weeks old), but not with previous versions. The behavior is reproducible.

I’d like to mention that with UAVCAN enabled and with uc4h UAVCAN nodes connected, I can get all sorts of instable behavior, the ardupilot node having sometimes problems to appear, suddenly appear&reappearings, the 2nd set of tones to very late, extreme slow downs and complete hang-ups of MP at parameter upload, and in one case even a crash of MP upon trying a connect … however, I could not see the systematics so far, nor is it reproducible but just happens more often or not, all this looks connected to me, but that’s not actually clear. So, I just mention this set of issues here, but currently feel unable to provide more helpful info.


@olliw42 here is a reply from Randy related to this:


ah, thx a lot, Thorsten

this is already 3 rc’s ago … I just checked the ReleaseNotes, and there has been in rc5, just few days ago, a "parameter requests from GCS processed asynchronously (resolves bad flight behaviour when fetching params in-flight) ", but couldn’t find anything on “our” issue … so, it seems, the fix Randy mentioned did not yet went in …

so, probably a good thing to have this reminder here :smiley:

did you open an issue, or is there already an issue opened? Since it’s a reproduced bug it could qualify to Oxinarf’s rules.


No open issue so far. I got used to it already… :wink: Anyway, might be a good idea.

issue raised: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/6199

thx, sir