AP/SITL does not receive any joystick data from MissionPlanner

I have been fighting the joystick problem for awhile and I was wondering if someone can help. My setup is this, on a Windows 10 PC: MP(3.1.70)<->AP/SITL(4.0.0 stable)<->X-Plane 11.41. I have made sure that X-Plane does not expect any direct joystick input. I start AP/SITL (–model xplane), then start X-Plane, and finally start MissionPlanner with the following arguments: /joy “T.Flight Hotas X” /type plane. After connecting MP to AP/SITL, I used the Flight Data|Actions|Joystick screen to setup the Roll, Pitch, Yaw and Throttle channels and enabled it. There were no error messages or diagnostics. When I manipulate the joystick, MP does not send any MAVLINK_MSG_ID_MANUAL_CONTROL messages to AP/SITL - I have verified this by setting a breakpoint in AP/SITL where it handles that message. Do I have to setup some MP config param or something? I see a .rlog file generated, but I don’t know how to decode it. Thanks a lot in advance for any help.

Thanks to information provided by @Corrado_Steri in Check in Joystick to enable as default I’m now able to see joystick data in MAVLINK_MSG_ID_RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE packets from MP in AP/SITL. However, for some reason, Mission Planner seems to buffer up the packets until I press the Mission Planner|Flight Data|Actions|Joystick|Disable (Yes!) button after manipulating the joystick! Am I missing a Mission Planner setup or config or commandline arg? Thanks.

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