AP_Periph prebuilt .bin files missing for "Stable"

When navigating to ArduPilot firmware : /AP_Periph/stable for most of the devices the .bin file is missing. This is not the case when navigating to ArduPilot firmware : /AP_Periph/latest

Is this by design? Or is something not being built on the backend?

It likely just the devices that were available at the time of the last AP_Periph stable release.
Is there any device you are particularly interested in?

I’m not sure of @tridge’s plan for new stable releases of AP_Periph? But I am interested as it came up recently for me.

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@hendjosh thanks for the response.

What’s weird is that I couldn’t find a .bin for the OG can devices like the mro f303. Only latest folder was populated.