AP_Periph 1.6.0 released

I’ve just released AP_Periph 1.6.0 stable.
Changes since 1.5.1 include:

  • much faster CAN bootloader for faster firmware update
  • improved handling of peripherals with 2 or more CAN interfaces
  • support most AP_Periph features in SITL testing
  • added RC input support
  • added battery balance plug support
  • support sending RPM over DroneCAN
  • support for pitot temperature reporting

You can get this release from the firmware server here:



Thanks for your work!
Is AP_Periph also suitable for Smart battery system where low power consumption / sleep plays a role against deep discharge the batteries?

Since the new version has RC input support, would it be possible to broadcast RC values to another DroneCAN node which would send them to servo/motor?
In my specific usage case I have a Matek L431 node mounted on my RC car, there is also a detachable box with onboard PC and autopilot which I connect to the CAN node on the car.
It would be nice to be able to attach regular RC transmitter to the car without re-wiring all the servo/motor cables each time, so I’m looking for a way to supply RC signal to the CAN node.
In short, here’s what I’m thinking about:
Servo/motor <> Matek L431 (onboard) <> Matek L431 <> RC receiver

Or maybe it’s possible to connect RC receiver to the onboard CAN node and feed RC channels input directly to servo/motor (with some automatic switching between RC input/autopilot input)?