AP_Periph 1.3 stable released

I’ve just released AP_Periph 1.3 stable. This is a major release with a lot of new peripherals supported and new features.
Changes include:

  • added new peripherals: BirdCANdy, MatekL431, CubeOrange-periph, G4-ESC, HerePro, Hitec-Airspeed, HolybroG4GPS, HolybroGPS, Sierra-F405, Sierra-F421, Sierra-F9P, Sierra-L431, f103-QiotekPeriph, f405-MatekGPS, f405-MatekAirspeed, mRo-M10095, ARK_GPS, HitecMosaic, MatekH743-periph, Pixracer-periph
  • support dshot for CAN ESC outputs
  • support a wider range of notify options
  • numerous small bug fixes
  • support lua scripting in peripherals
  • switched to DroneCAN compiler and libraries
  • support logging in peripherals
  • support dual CAN bus
  • support BLHeli monitoring of ESC telemetry
  • support mavlink in peripherals
  • support moving baseline yaw dual-GPS on dual-CAN GPS
  • support MPPT battery driver
  • fixed MSP GPS yaw

You can see the full list of builds in this release here: ArduPilot firmware : /AP_Periph/stable

Note that the next major release will add CANFD support.


I’ve just released 1.3.2 stable, a minor update. Changes are:

  • added bootloader for Holybro_G4 GPS
  • uncompress bootloader on Holybro_G4 GPS to handle low memory
  • fixed RM3100 mask on Sierra-L431
  • disable watchdog on DMA errors

Has anyone got an i2c rangefinder working with AP_periph I have tried a tfmini plus and a VL53L0X both work when connected directly to ardupilot but I dont see any rangefinder output from the can node when using CAN inspector using f303 universal.