AP Log Analysis Seminar 16th August 2021

Tridge, Paul and some other devs ran a log analysis seminar on Monday to share knowledge of techniques for log analysis. The log files covered were mostly from Plane users but but we hope to have other seminars covering Copter and Rover logs.


Thanks for sharing. Even from point of view of a “seasoned” MAVExplorer-user as I would describe myself I still learned a lot.
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Regards, Sascha

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I would definitely welcome a copter focused seminar. The recent plane seminar was fantastic, especially for those who are ‘unseasoned’ pilots. I would fully support more seminars on other topics as well.

That is amazing! Thank you for that!

Thanks a lot for this Seminar.

There is a command run around 22 min in to the seminar, seems very useful, to list all the options to graph under a particular name.

graph GPA.
it responds with the options available.

However, when I try similarly, it responds with a parsing error:

I cant get it to work, but would really like to
Any ideas?

Hi @karla

My guess:
You are looking for the command like: two times <TAB>
to expand the possible options.

For the example in the video you should enter: graph GPA. <TAB><TAB>
also explained here

Lovely Sascha - its works with one TAB, also that page have lots more explanations
Thank you

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This was really great thank you - just watched the yt upload now. Are there plans for another one soon?


I’d like to say yes but I haven’t actually heard any devs saying they’re planning to do another. I’ll pass on the encouraging words though and maybe that will prompt another…

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I’ve been holding my breath for

  1. multirotor log analysis and tuning - Leonard Hall
  2. tuning the different steering techniques in Rover - Randy Mackay

Me too. That would be great!