AP: Arm: Roll (RC1) is not neutral

If I load joystick module “module load joystick” I can’t arm throttle because of error messages:

It looks to me that there is some issue with the deadzone of the joypad but I don’t know how to configure it. Can someone help?

have you done the radio calibration yet? that should possibly solve the issue

I don’t know how to try radio calibration. What I have learned so far is how to run SITL with sim_vehicle.py script and load joystick module.

I tried searching for radio calibration but the only link that looks related is radio calibration for Mission Planner (Radio Control Calibration — Copter documentation). As far as I understand sim_vehicle.py is not running mission planner.

How can I do radio calibration with my setup (SITL)?

This is how I start my simulation:

./Tools/autotest/sim_vehicle.py --map --console -m "--moddebug=3" -v Copter

shoot sorry I didn’t read where this was posted sorry I am also very new at simulation so I am afraid I cannot be much help. But will also poke around see what I can find

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