AP 4.3 PreArm: Internal errors 0x1000000 l:169 imu_reset


I am using a cube orange with the latest 4.3 fw. I sometimes keep seeing this error while it has been sitting on the board with usb. Yesterday I saw it midflight also, i did not see any kind of filight behaviour changes.
What could be the issue. I have only seen this with cube orange so far.

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Hello all,

I have also seen this a few times across different (Cube Orange) copters with varying hardware setups. Usually this error occurs after booting up and prior to arming. A reboot resolves the error but now it has also happened during flight exactly as the OP describes - also without any noticeable changes to flight behaviour. Firmware was 4.22 & 4.23.

The error shows up in the flightlog as well when it happens during flight but there does not appear to be anything wrong as far as I can see…

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