Anyone's copter disarming during auto missions?

This quad used to be pretty solid. But the last few days is crazy and just started after updating to 4.3.7 from 4.3.6. I So three times today it disarmed in flight while in Auto. Lucky to have a parachute, but it certainly doesn’t prevent damage lol! No EKF warning or clipping on vibration. The really weird thing is the mission command for takeoff during flight. As soon as that pops up, it cuts the motors. The voltages may seem low, but I’m using lithium-ion cells. Maybe something is corrupt in my firmware. I’m thinking of resetting everything. Anyone else had an auto takeoff command during an auto mission?

700mm quad
5010 motors
blheli 32 esc, dshot 600
18" propshttps
Cube Orange +
Holybro F9P gps
and one very dinged up Sony A6000 camera lol!