Anyone with wooden framed multirotor? How was it?

Just curious, been asked by someone if they could make a wooden multi-rotor (no I would never do this) but has anyone done this? what was it like tuning? And was it more worth to just make an aluminum frame or carbon frame? (Yes I know half the answers but this might be helpful to others :slight_smile:)

Wooden frames have been done before. Definitely not the most optimal strength and weight - but it is possible. With carbon fiber going down in price, I think the switch over to carbon fiber is worth it 1000x.

I had one…It didn’t survive a major crash…but it performed well…Vibes where not a problem. I have a small CNC rig so cutting the parts was easy. I have been kicking around the idea of doing it again.

Oh and keep in mind that Wooden Airplanes to this day perform as well if not better then their metal counterparts.
That said I build all out of CF these days…but wood works well. If your thoughtful about it…it is strong and light weight.


What Ricky said. You don’t want to use aluminum. As I like to say “It’s as heavy as a rock” :slight_smile:

Yeah Alu is defiantly something i wont use (used to have a 550mm quad with alu arms and worked for years) But i feel like people don’t understand how good/cost effective carbon is becoming.