Anyone using LW20 with the cube?

I have spent a good portion of the afternoon attempting to get an LW20 to talk to my cube.

I have V3.6.6 and have connected the LW20 to i2C as per the documentation.

I am fairly sure that the i2c address is correct but its not clear what unit the LW app and mission planner use What format should the numbers be entered in?

I can connect the LW20 via an FTDI cable and see that it works using the lightware program but I get nothing from it when its connected to the cube via i2c…

The “sonarrange” reads 0 regardless of what I do.

Has anyone managed to work a cube and LW20 together and care to share any tricks they discovered in making it work?

Much appreciated.

Use it on a serial port, and set to serial only via the LW app before install. i2c with long cables is a no-no.

There has been a recent fix im master that might solve your problem.

Thanks for the reply. In the app there doesn’t appear to be an option to force serial only. Do you recall how to do it?

Its frustrating as at this price point i’d expect the equipment to just work.

Check out This Guide.

Thanks, I did find that this morning. I have followed the guidance to the letter to set the connection type to serial and configure in mission planner. Still get nothing. Most odd. I’ve emailed Lightware and see what they say.

I admit I made a mistake in the above, I am using an SF20/C not a LW20. I looked at the wrong box when I wrote my original post.