Anyone use Velcro for Sensor attachment?

Using velcro is bad for attaching the flight controller since it can induce some odd vibrations (apparently from wind, according to another thread).

Does anyone use velcro for attaching other sensors? I’m thinking:

  • GPS
  • LiDAR rangefinder
  • Telemetry

We have a few “development” drones where we like to experiment with and quickly iterate over equipment. Velcro seems like the ideal method for sensors that we’d like to swap quickly from drone to drone.

Why GPS? Isn’t that pretty fixed? We’re playing with the new Here+ (RTK) and would like to move it around. Also, using velcro on GPS seems like a nice failsafe on accidental flips/crashes such that the sensor pops off the frame.


I use it a lot, never break a electronic device during a crash and protects over vibrations, be carefull to always use the same velcro on devices and the other part on the ship. A little zip tie can help too.

I find the Scotch Extreme Fasteners work very well and hold up better than regular Velcro. Cross the grain when you attach your item and you will get a strong vibration free mount. I mount all of my external fixtures with it, GPS, FPV camera, Video transmitter, etc. Repeated mounting and dismounting does not appear to cause any loss of grip strength.

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Right, use the firm Velcro strips. The regular Velcro is a little loose. Use it on everything and see no issues.

And like you sometime remove things and sometimes a hard fall flips things off.


We use 3M Dual Lock.

Great, thanks for the pointers!