Anyone knows if Mission Planner is capable to record what command is sent to your drone?

For example if we want to keep track in event of emergency, like a blackbox record. What the Drone Pilot sent to the drone. Anyone knows anyway to record that other than from the flight controller ardupilot. Meaning logs on the GCS side other than the Ardupilot side?

if you control your drone via the gcs (like joystick and rc override) then yes. but if you have the usual RC remote, then no.

RC channel values are reported back to the gcs and stored but the refresh rate is slow, so quick movements will not always recorded.

Yes, I am controlling using Mission Planner and not RC remote. Anywhere I can set recording and keep a log on the GCS software not just on the flight controller?

Mission planner already records the telemetry log if you have telemetry connected to the PC

I see thank you. I really need to go search deeper.

It is called tlog, it contains mavlink communications in raw format.


thanks I will check it out.