Anyone in the US willing to forward package?

as stated in the topic i’m looking for someone nice who can forward a package from the us to germany. I know, this sounds damned weird but I try to explain:
I saw that the 3dr Solo is at bestbuy for just 300 Dollars… In Germany they are calling 1000 to 1250 Euro, so something around triple compared to bestbuy… First approach was a mail forwarding service but bestbuy isn’t shipping to all known mail forwarding services.
So i ended up here asking.
If anyone is willing to try this, please let me know.

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I am in for one as well :slight_smile:

im guessing this is resolved, but i would consider! Email me if you like.

lovallo at gmail dot com

Figured that the shipping costs are quite to high. Recently some Solos popped up on ebay germany for around 400…