Anyone has used successfully any optical flow?

Hi everyone.

I have been working trying to use a reliable optical flow with my BlackCube, I have tried 2 sensors, HereFlow and px4flow, and with both I have the same problem. Im unsing a TFMini distance sensor on both case. I have been looking a lot of post about this, i couldn find any new, most from the 2017 to 2019.

For a steady flight, are both awesome, the drone stays very precisely. The problem start when the drone pitch or roll. If I send the drone forward and I release the stick, the drone stop, but bounce back 1 or 2 meters. No matter where Im going, at the moment of release the stick, the drone always go back some meters.

With the px4flow, the bouncing is not too hard, but anyway it happend.

Here is a video with the HereFlow

Here is one from the px4flow

The other problem is on the insides. In my office, none of both works very precisly, I suppose may be the light can be a problem.

Here is one of the last logs of a outside log.

So, the question is, anyone has used a OpticalFlow, that works on the inside and the inside as a DJI do?


Same we use Hereflow with Loiter flight mode. FlowHold flight mode, worse, very scary.