Anyone hacked an Amazon Echo Look to get the RealSense data out?

Amazon just dropped support, so these things are $20 all over auction sites right now.

But there’s precious little on the internet about teardowns and reverse-engineering. I know this isn’t exactly a hacking forum, but if there’s anyone with both the skills and interest, I figure they’d be here. :wink:

Seems that link is dead

Hello this seems a bit interesting to me.

The SR300 camera inside the device appears looks to have the connector that exposes usb 3.0. There is a seller on aliexpress that has adapter cable (item # 32857332706)

The module has depth capture up to 1.5 meters.

Newer Linux kernel has built in support.

here are a couple other links containing information

I understand that the link might be dead but I’ve actually found quite a few of these so if anybody wants one I can arrange a price