Anyone Familiar with TBS Crossfire?

I’ve recently upgraded from a FrSky long range system to a cool new TBS Crossfire system and am truly amazed by the distance I get on my other drones.

However, I’ve run into a problem when trying to get the RSSI feed to show up in Mission Planner and I only get a cycling readout on the OSD.

Does anyone know how to correctly connect the TBS Diversity receiver to the Pixhawk to get a good RSSI and Link Quality reading on the OSD and to get the info to show up in MP?.

There is better CRSF support in 4.1

I’m running the latest firmware available, 4.5. Is version 4.01 better?

You are probably running version 4.0.5. and yes, the not-yet-released 4.1.0-dev (github master branch HEAD) version is newer and has better CRSF support.

You’re probably right. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the v. 4.1 on GitHub so I’ll have to stay with the 4.05 version. Everything seems to have begun working with a re-update and I can get signal strength and quality on the OSD and MP downlink… Ain’t magic wonderful?

Just to be clear - we are talking about the ArduPilot version not the Crossfire version

I’m using the Crossfire diversity pro receiver but the Pixhawk firmware and Mission Planner software are all Ardupilot.