Anybody able to get Eclipse on Windows to compile code?

Hi Folks,

I’m new to the AdruPilot world so please forgive me if this isn’t the proper place to post this. I’ve tried to look for answers in the developers pages but just can’t find the answer to my predicament.

I’m running Windows 10 and trying to use the Eclipse IDE to compile the code.

These are the steps I used in trying to get Eclipse to compile the ArduPlane code:

  1. Followed the instructions in “Building ArduPilot for Pixhawk/PX4 on Windows with Make” (
  2. Then ran the git command: git config --global core.autocrlf false
  3. Cloned the ardupilot repository to my PC
  4. Initialized and updated the submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive
  5. Downloaded and installed the PX4 toolchain by running the pixhawk_toolchain_installer_latest.exe
  6. Renamed /ardupilot/eclipse.cproject to .cproject and /ardupilot/eclipse.project to .project
  7. Imported the project into the workspace: Select File | Import | General | Existing Projects into Workspace

When I try to build the ArduPlane code I get multiple errors. For example the IDE is showing that the FlightMode enums are undefined. I’ve added “c:\users\richard\documents\github\ardupilot\libraries” to the includes path in Properties|C/C++ General|Paths and Symbols|Includes. I can make the firmware if I use the px4-v2 in the Make Command tab or Project|Make Target|Build so I know that at least I’ve got something setup correctly.

Is it possible to get the Eclipse IDE to display the code without flagging multiple errors? . Any help is greatly appreciated.