Any way to get MSP telemetry to work with Pixhawk 2.1?

Any plans to get MultiWii serial protocol supported by pixhawk 2.1? The only info I find on it is it’s part of cleanflight? I’d like to use the DJI Air Unit system with my pixhawk 2.1 builds with telemetry.

No, there are no plans for that now. But we are open to github pull requests.
But we are planning to add a AP_Telemetry base class. That will help you implement the code for it.

You can grab an arduino or a teensy and write a simple protocol translator, with the avail example codes it is an easy task.

This is well out of date, but an example repo that has both msp and mavlink is here:
Restructuring it to convert between them should be straightforward

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I’m working at the MSP protocol implementation and would like some feedback, would be great if you can help me out. There’s a dedicated thread here, you’re welcome to join the discussion!