Any way to disable external barometer?

Hi, I have a gps/mag that also happens to have barometer - all of this is on (1) UART MSP connection - and the sensor is on top of the craft, open to the wind. Admittedly, I just realized that this sensor has a baro and have had several flights so far with no issue because, luckily, Ardupilot considers the FC baro as the primary. To add to that, I conformal coated over the entire sensor when I thought it was just a gps/mag.

I started to realize the issue when exporting my logs to Dashware and noticed the altimeter guage bouncing around like a drunk sailor. My csv log export shows two separate baro entry lines sequentially, one for each baro and they are wildly apart in readings - for obvious reasons.

I can figure out how to ignore the second baro in my log exports, but I’m nervous that Aruplane will, at some point, under some circumstance, use the second/external baro reading and drive the plane into the ground. Any way to tell Arduplane to ignore or disable it?


Edit: Corrected the connection type to MSP.

What kind of flight controller are you using. Normally external i2c buses are not probed for barometers. (BARO_EXT_BUS is -1).

Apologies, its a " Matek M8Q-CAN GPS Module w/ Compass, Barometer & UAVCAN" using UART MSP (I’ll correct the OP). So I’m looking to disable the secondary baro on MSP without disabling the GPS and mag on the same MSP port.

Use it via CANBus. Then you can connect to it in Mission Planner via SLCan and set the AP_Periph (Which runs on the module) parameter BARO_DISABLE to 0.

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Ok. Thanks for the help.

Success. Thanks again. Technically it is BARO_ENABLE to 0.

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