Any suggestion on Hardware Configuration for Heewing T1 VTOL?

Hi guys,

I’m new to VTOL. And I’m interested in Heewing T1 VTOL.

Is there any suggested hardware configurations?

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I’ve got the Matek F405-VTOL for mine. My build is only partly finished because life has got in the way, but seems like a good choice so far.

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I’ve been using SpeedyBee F405Wing and BZGNSS BZ-251 GPS. Have over 50 flights already. Still learning and tweaking ardupilot tunes.

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Does T1 Ranger PNP-VTOL Conversion Kit have ESCs for right/left motors? (I didn’t see in their content list.)

  1. Frame:

T1 Ranger PNP-VTOL Conversion Kit

  • 2x Tilt Servo
  • 3x Motor FX-1806-2000kv
  • Wing tilting mounts (1x left + 1x right)
  • 1x Carbon Tail Boom
  • 1x Rear Motor Mount
  • 1x FX-20A ESC for Rear Motor
  • 2 pairs Gemfan 5126 props
  • 33x M2*4 Glue patch Countersunk head screw
  • 9x M2*8 prop fixing screw
  • 3 pairs 2.0 golden plugs

FIMI Manta

  • 3x Motor 2004 3000kv
  • 4x Servo
  • Propeller
  1. FC: Matek F405-VTOL/SpeedyBee F405Wing
  2. Battery: 4S (Note : this VTOL setup must be run on 4S, not lower.)
  3. ELRS receiver: … paired with RC controller
  4. GPS module: BN-880/BE-880
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T1 Ranger PNP-VTOL Conversion Kit suggests MatekF405-Wing and SN Fast Controller.

Is there any modification needed for flight Speedybee F405Wing?

BTW, what version (ardupilot) are you using for flights?

You need to use the 2 ESCs from the PNP kit along with the 1 ESC from conversion kit. I had bare kits without any ESC so I bough them separately.

Speedywing power distribution board does not have 4 ESC power pads like the Matek F405VTOL. All I had to do was solder 2 ESCs to one pad which was not an issue. No modifications needed. Running Arduplane 4.5.0Dev.


I recently tried a DIY drone, HEQ SWAN K1 PRO PNP this drone has VTOL function, also provides flight control and GPS, and it only sells for $399. If you are interested, you can also check it out