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Any Spectrum radio user? Need help with Matek-F765 and Spectrum Receiver

I am helping a friend set up Matek F-765 wing on his T-28 Trojan. He is a Spectrum radio user and I am not.
Apparently, Spectrum uses DSM2 and DSMX communication protocols. Should I wire and set parameters for the receiver the same as SBUS?

Also, Spectrum has what is known as satellite receivers can I only use satellite receivers plugged directly into FC?

There’s a few different Spektrum receivers. it would help if you get the model number.

DSM2 and DSMX are not the same as s-bus, but it looks like the 765 wing it’s all through RX6.

Be careful, most Spektrum receivers are 3.3v and if you connect them to a 5v bus they let out their magic smoke.

Will any of these work?
TM1000 DSM Telemetry System
AR636A 6CH

This is just a telemetry module. It won’t do anything for you.

This is a good old fashion RC plane receiver. Good receiver, works well. But no digital output so useless for ArduPlane on the Matek board unless you get a PWM to PPM converter. Those used to be more common and you could probably find one online easy enough, but for the time and money it’s better to get a digital receiver.

---- Oh wait, I take back the part about old fashion. I just noticed that’s an AS3X receiver. I would recommend against using any AS3X or SAFE receivers on an ArduPlane build unless you turn off all the AS3X/SAFE features and render it as a normal receiver. Having two stabilizers is going to cause issues. Again, better off to just buy a new RX.

I’ve used SPM4648 on older ArduPilot controllers. They are simple enough but you need to be careful about the 3.3V issue.

I’ve used SPM4650 on BetaFlight builds. They work good, and they are supposed to work with ArduPilot but there has been some talk around here of issues with SRXL2.

I haven’t had any issues with the SPM46xx receivers but I would be really cautious with the range. Great for around the field but I wouldn’t be going exploring with these ones.

@Allister, Thanks for all the tips. I am not finding any pinout on the board that would provide 3.3V to the Rx. Does F765 have a spaciel UART for Spectrum likePixhawk? UART 6 which I generally use with FrSky receiver is 5V at that pinout.

We are planning to use DSMX Remote Receiver (satellite) for now.

I’ve never used the F765, I’m just going off the Matek site. I’m still slumming it with the F405 boards. :slight_smile:

I don’t recall any of the Matek boards having dedicated Spektrum inputs. Matek does say that RX6 should take a DSM input. The 3.3v pad is shown below (doesn’t look very convenient):

ok, I have send an email to Matek support. Let’s what they say

A Spektrum SPM4651T works well. This is an RX with SRXL2 protocol that also offers telemetry.

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