Any plans to integrate with LAANC

Looks like the FAA is beginning to implement the LAANC Low Altitude Authorization Notification Capability, that it appears will require all UAS, commercial or recreational, to file a flight plan through several available free and or paid apps when flying in controlled airspace designated in their UAS Facility Map Software.

For anyone using MP now it we be easier to upload you flight plans directly from your MP device as opposed to acquiring additional software to essentially pass on your MP flight plan to LAANC.

It’s something we’ll have to be thinking about as the FAA is about to change the rules again.


Do you have a link to the current info around this? There are several countries trying to do this. All with competing ideas.

Here is a link with several other sources as well:

Also here is the FAA site on LAANC and using the UAS Facility Map There are some good tutorials:

Here is the UAS Facility Map:


One thing mentioned by the FAA spokesman was the eventual integration of data sharing. I assume transponder of some sort. And since they are using the cell network for communicating flight plans they probably intend to try and integrate all this with the coming 5G network in an attempt to control most if not eventually all UAS activity.

In the US, the requirement to obtain ATC approval to operate in controlled airspace has been around at least since Part 107 rules were adopted

LAANC is the online system that facilitates these approvals.LAANC has been available to Part 107 pilots for a year or more, and available to recreational flyers for several months.

And, Altitude Angel, which already provided automatic reporting from within mission planner, is a LAANC provider for Part 107 pilots (but not recreational)

More info:

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Thank you! More to digest.

Yes, much to digest! And in the US anyway, the FAA pending rule re drone remote identification (RID)will be another complication, as RID devices will be the means by which the drone communicates with ATC and the other elements of the national airspace.

More specifically, it will be interesting to see if the FAA will require specific hardware (such as with ADSB), or a more open approach as has been adopted by Altitude Angel in it’s integration with Ardupilot (where most any type of connection between the drone and MP can be seen and received and processed )

I was wondering if we could possibly get the LAANC facility maps added into MP they have it loaded there and it is updated when a new facility is approved or tweaked. This would be a great addition to MP we already have the red boundaries around the airports this would just be a added benefit. I poked around in MP but could not find where those red areas that show around airports were.

Altitude Angel can provide that data directly into MP, but you need to log into your Altitude Angel account from within MP, as discussed here