Any other complete VTOL planes like OMP ZMO?

The ZMO is the only option i’m aware of which is off the shelf VTOL capability. FC and electronics leave a lot to be desired.

Is there any other options out there with better HW and Ardupilot capability out of the box?

Looking for an option with minimal tuning and build required.

Yes, but a much higher cost like:

Of course, you can always choose a favorite or good flying fixed wing and make your own conversion, like what I did with the RVJet and Ranger EX.

You can check out Krazyman’s conversion to the Lefei SN-FAST flight controller.

Good luck.

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Jumper XiaKe800 with Arduplane:

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Thanks for all those links. Did not realize there was this many options. The Fox Tech Line is just out of the question due to cost. Not that I can’t afford it, but i can’t justify spending that much for a plane. Also none of those planes are similar to the ZMO as they all have the carbon tubes coming off the wings which is a deal breaker for me as I want to retain the aesthetics of a true plane.

The XK450/EFlite and others similar fall into that same category.

The Finwing is an interesting option, not too thrilled the rotors in the front stick out so far but it comes with Arduplane FW which is very attractive option.

The MFD Nimbus is probably the closest option to retaining the look of a standard T/V tail configuration, my only concern is i’m back to science project DIY status having to guess on what works for the FW to get the parameters right. Trying to avoid having to do this if possible which is why the ZMO looks attractive minus the FC and HW.

The Krazyman’s thread i read through all 20 pages a few days ago. It seems like he is still having issues with aftermarket FC.

I have 2 Ranger 2k and 1.6M was really hoping something of that size was available but with tilt rotors in the wings like the ZMO. I just don’t have the desire to muck with settings and put in a bunch of time and money on a custom build to find out it doesn’t work well. I know its part of the hobby.

I get what you’re saying. I also found the Tieqi 1280mm VTOL PNP but you’ll still need to put in and configure your own FC. I do have a Lefei SN-FAST ordered for a retrofit on a Convergence but I’m thinking maybe it might work for this. I’m very tempted to get this but I’ll need that like I need a hole in the head… LOL!

Good luck.

I suspect there are perceived reliability issues with tilting nacelles once you get to larger sizes…it’s just more robust to have booms under the wings.

Rolly’s thanks I saw the Tieqi, little documentation and info, always has me concerned. I have a Lefei SNL+ still in the box. But I also have a Holybro Durandal and the airspeed sensor new in the box i was planning to use initially for just a regular plane config with dragonlink and DJI goggles/Caddx camera. My problem is the landing and takeoff with all the trees around this is why i started looking at VTOL as an option.

Chris, i suspect you are right. I’m on speculating here as I don’t have experience with the titling or VTOL.

I try to keep up with ArduPilot but I don’t use it. With all the VTOL conversions I have done, I’ve always used PX4 Autopilot. I have found that the learning curve is not as steep and seem to have less parameters to “touch” to make it stable in its entire flight regime. It has some built-in configurations that devs and community contributors have tested so the beginning parameters make it stable enough to hover then transition FW (fixed wing) mode.

For example, if you wanted to do a conversion of your Ranger 2K or even the 1.6m, you can follow and configure as the Ranger EX and could almost guarantee it’ll hover and switch to FW right off the box. Furthermore, I prefer using QGroundControl instead of Mission Planner since QGC has a slider interface to use for tuning.

Food for thought…

Thanks, i never even considered using the PX4 autopilot, i’m going to look into this for sure.

The titling assembly from foxtech you linked is very intriguing for me to convert my ranger 2k.

I just know being an engineer i’m going to over engineer the hell out of it, it will look beautiful and perfect, but the SOB won’t fly when it comes times and it will end up being a garage queen. I like the fact the Volantex fuselage is plastic. I’m not a fan of foam. I want this to last if i’m going to dump money into expensive rotors/servos/esc.

Ideally i would make a ZMO style looking ranger 2k, expect I would dump the rear prop on the ranger and add a motor/prop similar to the ZMO. Where i have concern is would the damn thing fly well at all or even efficiently. I would like to keep the pusher prop but i don’t know if i add a horizontal prop as well on the back if it would get in the way or be efficient at all with a small prop for clearance. I’m debating internally how to go about this. Convince me its worth it lol

I’ve always espoused the K.I.S.S. system. All my conversions are based on the 4+1 configuration vs. the Y3 or QuadPlane Tilt Rotor. Full disclosure, I’m not an aeronautical engineer, though I took a year of it many, many moons ago; I’ve rationalized as follows:

  • Weight - By the time you add the tilting servos and mounts, the savings is very minimal and sometimes exceeds the 4+1 configuration.
  • Simplicity - The tilt servos are two other major components that could fail.
  • Drag - It makes me wonder what drag penalty actually is with two props in FW (fixed wing) mode vs the quadplane’s props, as long as the ESC brakes are activated. Without any scientific calculations or research with my conversions, the amp draw of the FW motor fell lower than expected parameters. The only time it uses full throttle is for a few seconds during FW transition so with the most used configuration I have to consider is cruise setting, I over prop the motor consequently lowering its rpm, ergo less amp draw.
  • The RVJet I converted came with a 35mm 940kV that normally turns an 11x7 prop on 4S. I had it propped with a 13x8E. I could’ve probably even gone to a 13x10E if was available at that time. The MC motors were propped for maximum lift/efficiency. A tiltrotor would have to compromise to be able to maintain stable hover especially during the landing when the battery is closest to its depleted condition if you maximized your FW flight.
  • In a 4+1 configuration, one could opt for two different size and types of battery onboard. Generally speaking you’re only in MC or VTOL mode 2-3 minutes so you can have a smaller pack that will provide almost full voltage for both times. Then have a second pack for FW that you can deplete to its maximum without worrying about the landing phase. Here’s a VTBird that flew for 1hr 44min using a Lipo 6S 5200mah 40C 780g for the quad motors and a Li-Ion 18650 GA 6S5P 17000mah 1.5kg for the pusher motor. I don’t think my bladder would last that long! LOL!!!
  • Center of Gravity - In a 4+1 setup, the CG can be setup where it’s identical in both MC and FW mode. The hover is more predictable and stable. The caveat is it may not have as much of a yaw authority unless you tilt the mounts slightly inboard.

My only hesitation with the Ranger is it only has a single spar. As you’ll see in my Ranger EX, even with the booms reinforced with a carbon plate under the wing, it still twisted heavily as it compensated for the P-factor during the transition. One way to help overcome this is to have a longer ramp up for the FW motor but it extends the time it would transition. Your aircraft could cover a good amount of ground/distance by the time it’s in FW flight. I suppose there’s always a compromise in everything.

Anyway, my two cents worth… Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback. That is some good observations and points. I’m going to keep researching and make a decision eventually. Perhaps I should just start with the regular FW setup see how that goes than work on the VTOL setup.

Just saw this. Not bad for RTF.

small little fella, but I’m sure it is a good starter to get used to VTOL.