Any one have seen P value like pulse?

Hi,can any one look at my log file.i start autotune this afternoon,but I fild the ATRP curve is really strange .why does my P value reduce after autotune,the initial P value is 1,but it’s about 0.5 after autotune,Is that normal?
another quetion is why my curve of P value is like pulse curve.

please go to the below link to download my entire log file

I recommend you carefully read the documentation on how to use Autotune:

There is nothing inherently wrong with Autotune lowering your P-value, rather than raising it.

Many of your mode-switches into Autotune were less than 10 seconds. According to the documentation, if you switch back to manual that quickly, the Auto-tuned value is erased, and reset to where it began.

hi hunt ,I have found wherer is the problem ,thank you for all of your help.

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