Any more information?

I was considering the APM 2.5 controller for a project I am going to start working on, it seems to be pretty proven and has a good user base. But, I saw the Pixhawk demo on the Iris quad and became very intrigued.

What tablet was used in the video? Which ground control software was controlling it? And finally, what is the hardware support like - meaning, which external GPS antenna? Does it need the power module like the APM? Any OSD for FPV? Gimbal control?

I know it hasn’t been released yet, but any information leading up to the release would be helpful!


Try here: … orCategory

Are there any high resolution photographs available?

I assume that I can use my current Telemetry radio and GPS from my APM2.5. Are the connectors the same or will I need new cables? If I order I want to get everything so I don’t have to order cables on a second order.


@RC Mike,
Have you seen the Pixhawk pictures on the 3DR website:
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