Any Ideas on M9N

Hey guys! I will use M9N but I read a thread about its Compatibility with ArduCopter software. By the way I will use PixRacer as some of you know. Will there be any compatibility issues with it ??

well, im using mro LocationOne equipped with the ublox m9n without any issue.
You will not have any issue on your fc… just look for the serial… aside you want start use CAN BUS protocol

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Thanks mate. You are the best

I have the Matek Systems GNSS M9N-5883 NEO-M9N and works great and super fast 3d fix even in my basement shop.

Thanks man! What about its update rate can it update at 25 hz?

On the paper, could be possible. When setting it with UBlox utility, there are some glitch in satellite data display. Work fine at 10Hz (GPS+Glonass+Galileo+SBAS).

Do you have any info about mRo Neo M9N

My M9Ns (Matek, Matek-CAN, Drotek) show at most 16 Sats in Mission Planner and QGC.
I have 4 constellations active, which should receive more than 30 sats.
Anybody else?

Good day,
me I’ve the mRo LocationOne with m9n…,
This gps is CAN protocol.
I’ve choose CAN coz its more fast and with less interferences.
The must of this gps its not only the m9n that is more fast and precise, but also you have the geomagnetic sensor… rm3100.

Could you please re-check the question.

its the same module like the LocationOne but its serial…

Thanks, mate! Appreciated

The mRo m9n gps have two compasses… for provide more redundancy, plus you have the safety switch integrated.
The module perform well… fast gps acquiring

Hey Dave! Location one has only one compass and a barometer.

i know… i gave info about a different mro gps module