Any Idea about HolyBro 915 Mhz Telemetry Module

Do you guys have any ideas about how much does this telemetry module weigh ? It actually can not be something over than 50 grams I guess?

They are pretty light. I don’t have one on me rn, but I would say 25g for the Radio+Cable+Stock Antenna.

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I just weighed one from mRo (very similar in size and design). It’s 23.5g, about half of which is the antenna.

You could cut the weight significantly by removing the plastic case and using a dipole antenna made from some thin coax.

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Btw which one would you prefer Holybro or MRO Robotics one? And thanks for the answer much appreciated

Holybro is on break till mid Feb for Chinese New Years. So Mro is your best bet if you are looking to buy one soon.

No deadline is not a problem rn which one should I choose

They are equivalent hardware. Based on supply chain shortages at present, you should choose the one that you can most easily acquire.

I have used 100+ Holybro telem radios without an issue. Like Yuri said tho, they are basically built on the same hardware.

Thanks guys much appreciated

I can speak to the mRo radios. I’ve used a bunch of them and they’ve always just done their job. Plug and play. mRo or Holybro should be about the same, the best one will be the one you can get. My advice is stay away from the 3rd party clones. Based on what is posted here they seem to be more trouble.

Thanks mane! Much Appreciated.