Any good ESC brand to recomend?

Any good ESC brand to introduce? I know Tmotor is good, but expensive as well. I am using Sunnysky motor, they don’t seems to have any esc. Sick of using China knock offs where it kept getting overheat after 15 mins of flight.

FETtec are good and have nice and fast telemetry.
OneWire Telemetry requires only 3 wires (GND, TX, RX) and no DMA Channels :slight_smile:

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Which ones have failed for you? The VGOOD ones I bought work okay with 2s, but got desyncs on 3s.

All the BLHeli_32 ones I’ve tried (from several brands) worked fine, except one of them had a wonky temperature sensor.

I looking one for 50a 6s one which I used hobbywing, some chinese knock off, just autotune for like 15 mins it burnt.

I found that Sunnysky also have their own professional esc. EOLO 50A that’s probably what I will try.

I would make sure it is running BLHeli_32 or AM_32, or at least BLHeli_S

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What motors have you got and what’s the aircraft details?
Any special purpose like flying over people, or just personal use?
These sorts of answers (and maybe your budget) could dictate the choice.

Usually any of the known-brand ESCs with BLHELI32 , like Holybro and others, are good for multirotors if you are not going full commercial. The FETtec would be a good choice.

For heavy duty or commercial use there is also a few choices, from APD, Currawong, KDE and Toshiba amongst others.

That Sunnysky Eolo ESC says “explosive power” which doesn’t sound good :laughing:
But they do only talk about oneshot125 (which is not much different to PWM) and “Regular Signal” which we can probably assume is PWM.
They dont mention DHSOT or any telemetry.

There’s some other well known ESCs with actual explosive power that I haven’t named here :slight_smile: and plenty of people keep using them despite the cost and the lack of information.

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Thanks for the info, yea I am doing something that is looking for commercial options. Was about to ask about KDE seems like a quality product.
I used both Tmotor and Sunnysky motors, so far quality is ok. In the end chose EOLO over Tmotor flame because of its IP67 rating. Tmotor is just IP44 dispite lighter.
Will check out those brands you listed.