Any fast boat builds?

has anyone tried arduboat with speedboats? all the buildsame I have seen are geared towards research and mapping and I wonder how it performs on fast boats with surface piercing drives

I haven’t tried but I’d love the logs from someone who has done it with a recent version of ArduPilot.

Thanks, Grant.

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I don’t know if you can consider it a speedboat, but our mapping platform reaches 30knots without any problem on ardurover 3.0.1

That’s is moving! Is the platform big enough it doesn’t suffer any wave dipping or does it just handle it?

Thanks, Grant.

what I’m really looking at is boats that use water cooling with a pick-up instead of a pump. these usually require that the boat be on plane for the cooling to work and will overheat very quickly if not planing. it’s easy to get the boat on plane, just goose the give it a little extra throttle and if it’s sluggish to jump on plane a little rudder can break it free, then you can usually use much less throttle, but can the software do this? how do you tune for on and off-plane handling? I’m going to try this out soon but I’very built several multis and planes with pixhawk but I’m new to arduboat.

What is wave dipping? Boat is about 1m60 long, 80cm wide.

That is another problem… Don’t know how ardupilot wil handle it. I know that full scale sail boat autopilots have a lot of trouble dealing with that, and they mostly use two handling codes, with a switch between them when the boat rises up or goes down. The tricky part being how to determine in which condition the boat is…

I’ll be happy to see your results

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this is exactly what I was wondering. can the current system tell the state? if not what ways can we use to determine the state?

I’m going to take a pixhawk on a ride along and post the logs. Maybe I can get someone who is better with the code to help me see if there is some kind of tell in the telemetry to determine state, else maybe I can find a small flow meter I could put on a water line. if I have flow, it’s on plane

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I’ve been thinking about that a year ago and that’s the options I thought about:
- we could make a custom continuity sensor on the hull that is immerged in water when the boat is not on plane (but in case some water stays on the hull, it could through out the sensor’s reading)
- another idea was to use the accelerometers and gyros as the boat shouldn’t have the same behavior when on plane on not regarding it’s movements. This seamed to be the best guess and requires no sensors
- last one was to use an estimation off the throttle applied/speed in plane and in low speed mode to determine the state. Again no external sensor but might be a bit trickier to have working

Unfortunately I’m not enough into coding now to incorporate that, so that’s just a few thoughts…

this is what I’m hoping for. I am just goingto collect logs from my boat and maybe there will be some sort of tell in the sensor reading’s for the state. also maybe something simple like after achieve a certain speed we start reduce throttle and see if we are planning by for much speed drops as throttle slowly decrease

That could work also. Simpliest might be using only the speed and knowing that a certain speed means the boat as gone to plane mode. but we’ll need a way to estimate the speed relative to water (like pitot tube on airplanes)

been doing some digging and I think maybe a low flow meter like this on the cooling line may work since the cooling loop only flows when on plane

Yes i like that idea!