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Any experience with Loc8tor?


(MickeM) #1

Anyone using Loc8tor on your multicopters to find them IF they are lost for some reason (flyaway or dropped in the woods …)?
Any experience?

(MickeM) #2

If you dont use any Loc8tor, what do you use? Those Lost Signal Alarmers? As long as there is connection with the telemetry, its no problem, but if the multicopter suddenly flies away and gets behind obstacles like forests, the signal is probably lost. Then what du you do?

(Dave) #3

Go look for it until it’s back in telemetry range.Haven’t lost a craft yet and gone searching many times. The range on that unit is really not great enough to be of much use I don’t think. It would not have done me any good on the craft I have had to search for.