Any (current) pointers for a ready-to-run rover?

Hello all

Does anyone have pointers for ready-to-run rovers using Ardu*, or at least as-ready-as-possible?

To start, I’ve tried contacting the two listed here on the links page, but TT responded that they’re no longer making the Base1, and Aion did not respond to repeated emails.

To refine what I’m looking for, ideally I’d find a robust ready to go prototyping platform capable of at least some kg of payload (more is OK, until we hit a practical size/weight limit - need to be able to transport!), rocker bogie setup (no? well… 6 or 4 big rubber wheels then? OK, tracks will do!), GPS+ICU positioning, a camera post/arm, and a companion computer (say, RPi4, or other linux capable) already onboard. (LIDAR would be cool too, but it’s not necessary at this point.) I suppose easy additions to the chassis is a big bonus.

If I can’t find ideal, I can technically DIY… I’m just short on time, and the point is to work on the CC software, image stream, and other stuff.

(If you’re commercial and happen to be reading this, please contact me. And not to be desperate or anything, but if you’re a serious hobbyist, live in central Europe, and want to sell your existing project in order to start your next one, feel free to msg me. We can at least talk.)

Thanks for your attention, and cheers,

It looks like Aion is accepting orders form Stock on some products. You might want to just call them.

Thanks for the input. I actually hadn’t called (because email…), but they haven’t answered several call attempts today. (That’s to the googleable number - there’s none on their web site, only email!)

This is just one day, so I’ll try again, but, um… it’s not exactly confidence inspiring.

Huh. I could have sworn I saw a phone number on the website a few days ago. Anyway, that’s disappointing because as you say there are not many RTR Rovers around . I built mine configured from an RC Crawler but I understand that’s not what you want.