Any cons to reversing RC3 via parameter settings in MP?

I am using v3.3 on a 3DR Pixhawk and I have no way of getting the collective pitch on my JR Nex6 to go in the right direction as well as making the stick on my transmitter (Futaba) go the right direction without messing up the servo directions for the accelerometer outputs. So I reverse it in the parameters and all is golden except for the weird procedure I now have when arming the heli (collective full up and hold yaw right, turn on engine and then quickly collective full down).

Here is a video explaining my dilemna

So is there any other issue with doing that this way or can I stick with it providing I take care when arming the heli?

With Futaba stuff you need to reverse the collective in the radio. Then reverse whatever servos don’t agree with the swash plate expected movement. I think you will find this will work for you.
David R. Boulanger