AntennaTracker Without PC

Hi guys,

Today we have two RC module devices, DragonLink v3 and TBS Crossfire that sharing Mavlink telemetry from buit-in Bluetooth. Do you know if possible to connect the APM/Pixhawk AntennaTracker controller directly to Bluetooth RC in order to AntennaTracker self calibration and work automatly whithout needs a PC (Mission planner or QGround Station) to operate?

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Yes it’s possible, the antenna tracker doesn’t require a ground station to work.

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Thank You rmackay9! I Will try. Just another question. The Bluetooth from Dragonlink v3 require passcode. How do I configure the Bluetooth connection on Apm antenna tracker firmware in order to connect to DL Bluetooth?

I’m afraid I don’t know what do to about the password. There’s no where that that can be configured within ardupilot at least.

This is the point, to configure a bluethoot datalink between APM/Pix antenna tracker and Dragonlink v3 Bluetooth.

@patryck Hello , for an extra 10$ you can make it work, no problem

Ah, if it can be done with a rapsberrypi then using a NAVIO2 as the “flight controller” (instead of a Pixhawk) might be a good idea. The setup will be a little messier perhaps - the firmware installation is not a simple when using the navio2 I think - you’d need to “ssh” on to the rpi for example.
Personally I actually use a NAVIO2 on my wifi antenna tracker and I actually uploaded an RPI image. (look for
that doesn’t include the setup for the bluetooth though.

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@rmackay9 Randy, I was thinking of this setup:

DragonLink ----Bluetooth---- RPI Zero W----- Serial (/dev/ttyAMA0)----–FC (Apm2/Pixhawk)

So the RPI Zero is used as a BRIDGE between BL on DragonLink & the UART on FC

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Thank you ppoirier! I don’t know RPIZero, how could I configure the RPI as brigde? I will need code some software?

@patryck The best thing with RaspBerry Pi is the fact that this community is enormous and there are zillion of informative blogs around… here , take a look :

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Hi, I cant find any wiki on the link you have provided to explain how a TBS crossfire or Dragon link can control an antenna tracker…what am I missing?

The Bluetooth outputs mavlink, which gives the tracker the data it needs. Regarding how to pair the Bluetooth between the tx module and tracker, you need to do this on a pc first time, to enter the passcode. Once paired the two units should connect automatically.

Hello, I am using an FRSKY RM9 system for RC control and telemetry. I am using FRsky pass-through telemetry and Lua scripts to get telemetry on my Taranis. I don’t have mavlink availble on the ground to update the antenna tracker, can antenna tracker accept frsky pass through as an input?

no, I guess you would connect tracker to the the serial port in the battery compartment, and set it to mirror the s-port telemetry?

I will look into it, may be a easy extension to the current library or may not.

Just in case you have not seen this, here is another tracker that will work with passthrough telemetry. I generally prefer the simplicity of it.

Mark, I have seen that tracker. It looks interesting and fairly easy to make. I am also concidering this one. However, I have a pixhawk laying around so I though I would use it for a tracker.

Yep – that one is decent too. To me a Pixhawk running an antenna tracker just seemed OTT. But good luck.