AntennaTracker maintainer hardware [Approved]

Topic: Antenna Tracker hardware

Proposal type: Hardware [X] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : _________________

Description: AntennaTracker doesn’t currently have a vehicle maintainer. I’m proposing to take that on, but I do need a representative piece of hardware for it. The pan/tilt mechanism below would appear to be suitable.

I also need an autopilot to go onboard. I’m hoping some ArduPilot partner might be interested in sending an autopilot to me for this purpose - failing that I’m thinking something like a MiniPix could be added to this proposal; other options like a Cube or a PixRacer seem to be overkill for this application. For reference, a MiniPix would add ~$US60 to this proposal.

I also blame MdB for this.

Planned amount $$ (USD): 120

Estimated time for completion: days

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Thanks for the proposal, Peter!
Approved, up to $180.

We are not blaming MdB!

I’m not sure if @peterbarker has put in the application to be paid but I think it would be better to increase the amount to more like $500 to cover this antenna tracker from servo city plus a tripod, miniPix and shipping.

I’ve used the antenna tracker linked in the original proposal and while it is cheap, it’s also very difficult to put together and its performance is nothing like as good as the servo-city option. I think we want the AntennaTracker maintainer to have good representative hardware that we recommend to users.