Antenna Tracker with non-mavlink target source

I am trying to use the antenna tracker firmware to point at a known GPS location without “connecting” to a mavlink vehicle. There is a companion computer on the antenna tracker platform that is acquiring the lat,lon,and altitude through a separate radio. I noticed in the source that I can send GLOBAL_LOCATION_INT messages to the antenna tracker for it to point, but I want to see if anyone has done this.

I am creating a mavink message with dronekit that sends GLOBAL_LOCATION_INT, and it moves the orange heading to waypoint line in mission planner, but I wanted to know if that’s all I needed to do. The tracker doesn’t seem to always respond to this.

For anyone who wants to do this, this totally works.

Using dronekit

                location_packet = vehicle.message_factory.global_position_int_encode(
                int(lat * 1e7),  # degE7
                int(lon * 1e7),  # deg E7
                int(alt * 1e3),  # mm (MSL)
                int(0),  # mm (AGL)
                0,  # vx (cm/s)
                0,  # vy (cm/s)
                0,  # vz (cm/s)
                0xFFFF,  # heading (cdeg)