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Antenna tracker use with Alexmos gimbal

(Jack) #1

I am trying to use antenna tracker installed on pixaracer in conjunction with a brushless alexmos (gimbal like) tracker. 2 axis system, yaw and pitch. As AT only option is to control servos trough pwm i can not get the system to work. On the gimbal side i get ahrs gps and rc but no control. When connected the servos to the alexmos rc the gimbal jerks alot not mainting the position. What PID should i use for the servos on the tracker so the pwm is stable ? i belive that sevos pid messes with the pid on the alexmos. Any idea or help much appreciated.

(Peter Hall) #2

make sure the gimbal control mode alights with the tracker settings, i think you should use rate (i think they call it speed) control on the gimbal and continuous rotation servo setting for antenna tracker.

(Jack) #3

thanks, tried already. Have to do more test. Unfortunately AT documentation is incomplete

(Jack) #4

DId a real test with a connected vehicle. Tracker was auto. No RC out signal. On GS all worked fine, i can see the tracker and the vehicle no prob.
Ideea is to have mavlink and mount implemented. with a feature like ROI updated from the vehicle beeing tracked. I think the Pixracer will just send the angles instead of pwm. Copter with Simplebgc as cam mount it does just that.
I have added a new bin to the drive folder, on auto there is no rc out.