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Antenna Tracker tracking only 180 deg after 2 rotations

(Annie) #1


We have an issue with Antenna tracker for tracking a quadrotor.

We are using Pixhawk to control rotation in 1 axis (pan) using Servocity gear motor (gear ratio 3:1 and SERVO_TYPE =0).

PWM min and max is from 640 PWM to 2400 PWM with yaw range as 360 deg.


The AT does not go back to 0 deg after completing 1 rotation.

With the current setup, we are getting about 2.5 times continuous rotation (until it reaches max PWM) after which the AT stops tracking the second 180 deg.

That is, if we have a flight plan with n number of continuous clockwise rotations, after 2.5 rotations, the AT will stop rotating in 360 deg and will track the air vehicle for only 180 deg for the rest of the flight plan unless we change the direction of rotation of the flight path.


  1. Is there any parameter that will enable/disable resetting after 1 rotation?
  2. Any idea on why the AT stops tracking 360 deg in one direction after reaching max PWM?
(Peter Hall) #2

There is a potential bug in this rotation stuff. A dataflash log would help us diagnose.

The parameter that may help is YAW_RANGE