antenna tracker servo motor

Parâmetros_AT-29_08_2022-17_16.param (8.6 KB)
Good afternoon, I’m connecting two servos, one being the HS-485HB for pitch, and the controller is PIXHAWK RADIOLINK, I connected them to position 1 and 2 of MAIN OUT, and SBEC to position 7 of MAIN OUT, but the servos it has not received any signal from the MISSION PLANNER, nor does it appear on the flight data servo/realy screen, could you tell me what it could be?
I’m using mission planner 1.3.76 and the connection to the pixhawk is via usb, my parameters will be here below.

In order to carry out the tests of the servos in relation to the antenna tracker, it is necessary to enter the Mission Planner, and change the parameters BRD_SAFETY_MASK (enables or not the outputs) and BRD_VSERVO_MIN (in which you control the minimum voltage that goes to the servos), these two parameters are on the configuration and adjustment page, under advanced parameters.